Sunday, May 20, 2007

Phantom - The Doomed Dictator

Phantom - The Doomed Dictator (aka Stranger in Desert)
A hawk-master's beautiful wife is forcefully captured by a brutal dictator, and her husband never get to see her again. To revenge his wife's doomed fate, he makes a plan to kidnap and do justice with the dictator by training along.
Published by - Indrajaal Comics, India
Title - The Doomed Dictator (24-19) May 10-16,1987
Stranger in Desert (June 01-06, 1975)


DARA-'prince of the spices' said...

# looking nice comics....plse man, do something 4 ON-LINE readers like me!!!...bye

chandoba said...

can u please increase image resolution?
try to scan at 300 instead of 101 and then resize/optimise them

chandoba said...

hi, thanx for the comic
cbr format is much better than pdf. is it possible for u to post earlier 2 comics in cbr?

Anupam said...

I too realised that converting to .pdf with the software I am using, results in a great loss of quality. So i will upload in .cbr format only.

As for the last two issues. I will upload them today in .cbr format.

chandoba said...

thanx mate, now all the comics look neat and also easier to read.. keep it up.. btw, do u have vol 20- 01/02/03

chandoba said...

yeah and one thing i woud likie to tell u that as far as possible please try to scan those vintage ads also

The Comic Project said...

Fantastic quality mate. The detail comes out very well...Thanks