Thursday, May 3, 2007

Phantom - Beyond the Boiling River

Phantom - Beyond The Boiling River

Phantom is one of the most popular and inspiring character in the history of comics. Created by Lee Falk and syndicated by King Feaures, this comic strip is about a hero, living in deep woods, fighting crimes in his jungle and sometimes outside of it. In the jungles of the (fictional) African country Bangalla, he lives in his mysterious cave. The people believe that he is immortal and thus call him "The Ghost who walks".

This is a story published by Indrajal Comics, India entitled "Beyond the Boiling River" on September 11-17, 1983.
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Anonymous said...

what is this put comic

Anupam said...

I beg ur pardon,

Are u talking about the ads and one page small cartoons which are presented in the .pdf along with the phantom story.

If yes, they'er integral part of the indrajal comics. We love them.

If this not not what u r talking to.. please explain clearly

I will solve it...

Anonymous said...

very good and big bad