Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Jenna (Narwain Publishing)

High school student Jenna seemingly has the perfect life. She's smart, attractive, popular and has a pair of loving parents. In issue #1 of this three-part miniseries, Jenna's life is revealed to be a lie when she learns her father is part of a secret, powerful cult that worships the demonic Baal. This revelation plays out in this first issue, as Jenna witnesses a murder at the center of which is a videotape that falls into her possession. On the tape is evidence that her father and several other prominent members of the community were involved in murder during a Satanic ritual.

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atma said...

#anupam: you doing such a gr8 job, BUT then whyn't allow viewrs 2 READ these comics ON-LINE????.....BELIVE ME, it'll only make MORE POPULAR ur site 2 a gr8 XTENT!!.....plse think abt it..:D)