Tuesday, May 29, 2007

H.E.R.O. (Complete)

H.E.R.O. was a comic book published by DC Comics that started in 2003 and ran for 22 issues. The series' focus was the "H-Dial" that DC had first introduced in "Dial H for Hero" in House of Mystery in the 60s. For this series the Dial was depicted as an object with buttons instead of a dial and was referred to as the H-Device.
Unlike earlier stories, H.E.R.O. did not have one or two protagonists being turned into a new hero every issue, but showed the H-Device passing from bearer to bearer, examining how different people react to the sudden gift of supernatural powers. There was a subplot involving Robby Reed (the main character from the original Dial H for Hero) that ran through most issues and led to the series' final storyline.

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