Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Van Helsing: From Beneath the Rue Morgue

Van Helsing: From Beneath the Rue Morgue
This is a comic book based on the Superhit Block-buster action/horror Hollywood movie Van Helsing (2004) about vampire hunter Gabriel Van Helsing, written and directed by Stephen Sommers and starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale.

Van Helsing: From Beneath the Rue Morgue, follows Van Helsing on a self-contained adventure that occurs during the events of the film, just after the death of Jekyll/Hyde in Paris but before Van Helsing returns to Rome. In the adventure, Van Helsing deals with Doctor Moreau and his hybrid mutants.
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The Devil said...

Link is dead mate. Anyhow thanks for all your efforts. I had gone through whole of your site and had downloaded a lot of stuff that I didn't had. I will wait for more to come. Keep it up friend

Anupam said...


Thanks for the comments and the link checkings too.

I have re-uploaded the Janpriya Mamaji comics (Nutan). Please see.

Will search for this in the backup and will re-upload soon